Liberia: Gay Activist Escapes Angry Mob


Self-proclaimed Liberian gay activist Archie Ponpon, and few followers were
Thursday narrowly hustled out of the premises of a local radio and television
station by Police Support Unit (PSU) officers of the Liberia National Police
(LNP) in Monrovia, after over 500 members of the public had besieged the
vicinity of the radio station to attack him for his pro-gay campaign.

Ponpon and his group had appeared on an early morning talkshow to defend their
activism for the legalization of same sex marriage in Liberia.

According to bystanders, the manager of the radio station swiftly called in
the police to protect members of the group due to the presence of a huge crowd
that could not easily be contained by private security guards.

Most ordinary Liberians, who opposed same sex marriage, have reportedly issued
threats against both gay activists and lawmakers, warning them of serious
consequences should gay and lesbian marriages be legislated.

But the activists headed by Ponpon, are insisting that same sex marriage
should be legislated to avoid those engaging in the practice hiding their
identities for fear of being harmed by angry citizens.

The advocacy has always encountered harsh responses and condemnations from
most Liberians, who argued that the legalization of same sex marriage could
worsen immoralities in the country.

Most Liberians from diverse backgrounds also expressed fears that accepting
such immoral practice in the country will be against their culture and would
offend religious doctrines.

This is the third time that Ponpon has been rescued by police from angry
crowd. He escaped attacks twice from angry students on the campus of the
University of Liberia.

Pubblicato da Lorenzo Bernini