Anti-discrimination bill in Moldova being challenged by Orthodox Church

by Christopher Brocklebank

The Alliance for European Integration (AIE) is attempting to pass an anti-
discrimination bill in Moldova, where the Council in the country's third city,
Balti, have adopted an ordinance banning the "propagandising" of homosexuality.

But they are up against the objections of a most unexpected alliance – that
between the conservative Orthodox Church and the opposition Communist Party.

Both parties are working hard to convince Moldovans that the bill – along with
the government's 2011 registration of the country's tiny Muslim minority as a
state-recognised religion – would mean an unbridled "Islamisation and
homosexualization" of Moldova.

Alexandr Poneatovski, a Communist lawmaker in Balti's council, said: "That's
just the way I was brought up – those are my morals. I simply do not recognise
these people as members of any sort of normal society."

Balti is one of at least three Moldovan municipalities to pass such laws,
which are mainly aimed at preventing gay pride parades and are similar to the
law adopted by St. Petersburg, Russia, last month and to nationwide legislation
now pending in the Russian State Duma.

Moldovan lawmakers have denied that they are following Russia's lead on the
subject, but Moldova's Communist Party has close ties with Russia's ruling
United Russia party.

Angela Frolov, head of the GenderDoc-M gay rights group in Chisinau, the
capital, said she sees a definite connection between Russia and the
developments in her country: "The [Moldovan] Communists have strong ties with
the Russian Federation, and they follow its example . . . They saw that such a
measure worked [in St. Petersburg] so they decided to use the same tactics

In recent weeks, Balti and other Moldovan cities have seen a surfeit of
leaflets decrying the proposed equality legislation and warning of the dire
consequences of its potential adoption.

One flyer said: "The law on non-discrimination acknowledges the dictatorship
of homosexualism over normalcy and gives [pederasts] more rights than other

It continues: "Any homosexual will be able to practice deviance in PUBLIC
places, even in front of our children. Pederasts will have every right to teach
in kindergartens, schools, and universities about how 'fine and normal' it is
to be homosexual."

It also claims that as Moldova was once part of the Ottoman Empire, Muslims
believe the country must be officially converted to Islam and that Christians
will be considered "pagans" and beheaded. It is not known who is behind the
leafleting, but the government has said it suspects the Orthodox Church.


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